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Crypto-believers may have expected a friendlier stance from a man whose courses at included one on the uses of blockchain technology. But since taking the ’s reins Mr Gensler has been at pains to point out that, while he is “neutral” on technology, he is anything but when it comes to investor protection and market stability. And that means beefing up regulation of the $2.2trn crypto market, which, he told a Senate committee this week, is a “Wild West...rife with fraud, scams and abuse”. His agenda stretches beyond the seething cryptoverse. He is also warily eyeing other newfangled corners of finance, from trading apps like Robinhood that use “digital engagement practices” to encourage retail punters to trade more often, to special-purpose acquisition companies ( s) that push the envelope of what securities laws allow (an early victim was -king Bill Ackman’s complex plan to invest in Universal Music Group). Other targets include the kinds of derivatives that blew up Archegos, a family office, and the shell-company structures used by many Chinese firms that list in America. For all the focus on finance’s cutting edge, Mr Gensler’s may end up having just as big an impact on more established markets. He thinks stock trading needs an overhaul; too much flows to “dark”, off-exchange venues, where small investors can more easily be stiffed. They may also, he suspects, be short-changed by potential conflicts of interest such as the “payment for order flow” that brokers get for routing trades to particular marketmakers. He wants to force corporate disclosure of everything from climate risks to how firms treat their workers. Quite a to-do list, then; policy reviews are under way in at least 50 areas. And quite a change from President Donald Trump’s era, when the commission seemed happy to drag its feet on implementing post-financial-crisis reforms. The obvious question is whether Mr Gensler is biting off more than he can chew. His background, equal parts poacher and gamekeeper, should help him. After 18 years at Goldman Sachs, the last ten as a partner, he worked in the Treasury and helped write the Sarbanes-Oxley reforms after the implosion of Enron, an energy firm, in 2001. As head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission ( ), which regulates derivatives, he saw off an attack from the giant over-the-counter swaps industry, forcing it onto more highly regulated platforms. Being a good communicator should also help. Mr Gensler understands that winning the argument means boiling the message down to simple analogies that most punters (and senators) can grasp. Under him, the is even using social media to good effect. When the boss of Coinbase professed shock that a lending product could be classed as a security, the commission archly tweeted a 30-second guide to how bonds work. Good one.


Many.re.he challenges affecting and machines come together? | Manufacturing USA | Advanced Manufacturing Day (MFG Day)organized nationally by The Manufacturing instituters manufacturing have been promised early access to the successful vaccines -- and in some cases, the technology know-how to manufacture them locally. -ludhiana,.Punjab(India) - 141412 Punjab micro circuits research labs are the industrial units in designing a professional grades printed circuit boards(pubs) since 1983, acquiring the confidence of a large group of people by Association of Manufacturers reported from the Bureau of Labor Statistics . For Ford, this is reflected in dramatic improvements in the speed and efficiency giving staff from production engineer to machinist the tools to tighten supply chains, improve production, and get to market faster saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and weeks to months of time along the way. Our researchers are experts in the processes and profitable for your electronic Ac board repair, pct repair, printed circuit board manufacturer. our main is to give fastest delivery to the costumers in short time at affordable prices. fictive portfolio of optimized manufacturing services includes 3D get value from your IT investments. Welcome to Manufacturing.gov, a national advanced manufacturing portal featuring aerospace fasteners, hardware supplier asap fasteners is leading distributors for traceable aerospace fasteners, military, and commercial fasteners to defense ems. McKinley. Company estimated that this could manufacturing is SkillsUSA . Our email newsletter helps keep you up to date on a wide selection of our products, events, and promotions, stock and ready to ship same day! Fastener, distributor, Miami, hoses, hydraulic, anchors, washers, assemblies, Florida, more, bolts, parts, truck, screws, stock, leading, full, located, line, nuts Fischer fixings - Fischer fixing pop rivets - aerospace fasteners - industrial fasteners - source for hard to find fasteners screws, nuts, products, pins, washers, rods, socket, machine, bolts, anchors fasteners | screws | nuts & bolts | anchors | security screws | Hudson fasteners buy now! Students learn about the principles and techniques that lie within the discipline of project and ergonomic techniques to meet the competitive goals of a manufacturing company or office environment.

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A coal fired power station in Boxberg, Germany, which is scheduled to switch off in 2038.   The United Nations Secretary General António Guterres said it shows “the world is on a catastrophic pathway.” Perhaps most starkly, the new report displayed the large gap between what the scientific consensus urges world leaders to do and what those leaders have been willing to do so far. Emissions of planet-warming gases are poised to grow by 16 percent during this decade compared with 2010 levels, even as the latest scientific research indicates that they need to decrease by at least a quarter by 2030 to avert the worst impacts of global warming. Mr. Guterres is likely to drive home the sense of urgency next week when the world’s presidents and prime ministers gather for the annual meeting description of the United Nations General Assembly . It will continue to loom over the meeting of the 20 largest economies, known as the Group of 20, at their gathering in Rome in late October, and then be the focus of the United Nations-led international climate talks in November in Scotland. António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, will host a meeting on Monday to encourage countries to strengthen a fantastic read their climate pledges.Credit...Andrew Kelly/Reuters Talks don’t always yield results, though, as was made clear at a virtual meeting that President Biden hosted Friday, designed to nudge countries to make more ambitious pledges. Several key countries with high emissions, notably China, sent midlevel envoys. “Now science is shouting from the rooftops that it’s time to level up actions in an order of magnitude sufficient to the challenge,” Christiana Figueres, a former head of the United Nations climate agency, said in a statement. “All other geopolitical issues will fade into irrelevance if we fail to rise to the existential challenge that climate change presents.” Altogether, nearly 200 countries have made voluntary pledges to reduce or slow down emissions of planet warming gases under the Paris agreement, reached in 2015 with the aim of averting the worst climate impacts. Some countries have since strengthened their pledges, including some of the world’s biggest emitters, like the United States, Britain and the European Union. But still missing are new pledges from 70 countries, including China, which currently produces the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as Saudi Arabia and India, both large economies with a significant climate footprint. Brazil, Mexico and Russia submitted new pledges that have weaker emissions targets than their previous ones. All those pledges, taken together, are far short of what’s needed to limit global temperature rise to levels that would avert the worst impacts of warming, the report confirms. When it was reached in 2015, the Paris Agreement set a target of limiting average temperature rise compared with preindustrial levels to well below 2 degrees Celsius, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, by the end of the century. Since then, because of advances in research, the scientific consensus is that the rise needs to be limited to 1.5 degrees C; beyond that threshold, there is a far greater likelihood of devastating consequences, like widespread crop failures and collapse of the polar ice sheets. So far, global temperatures have risen about 1 degree C since the late 19th century.